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The Benefits of Fermented Ingredients in Skincare

Due to their beneficial properties, fermented foods have long been a popular addition to any health-focussed diet. With healing, cleansing and detoxing properties, it’s no wonder that fermented skincare is now having its time in the limelight. From brightening effects to anti-wrinkle functions, fermented ingredients are all-round superstars when it comes to providing your skin with the nourishment and love it needs. Fermented ingredients such as maqui berry, green tea with honey and black rice are all phenomenal additions to your skincare. 

That’s why we’re exploring the incredibly rewarding world of fermented skincare ingredients so you can understand what fermented ingredients are, why they’re great for your skin and which ones are the best for you! 


What Are Fermented Ingredients?
As an article by Healthline explains, “Fermentation is an ancient technique of preserving food. The process is still used today to produce foods like wine, cheese, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha” (2019). 

Furthermore, “Fermentation is a natural process through which microorganisms like yeast and bacteria convert carbs — such as starch and sugar — into alcohol or acids” (2019). 

In the same way fermented foods offer increased health benefits, fermented ingredients in skincare do the same. From soothing irritations to protecting skin health, fermented ingredients are something to look for when it comes to choosing all-natural skincare that’s good for both you and the planet!

After all, nature has an incredible array of superfoods out there and the process of fermentation simply enhances their benefits, making them a wonderful addition to your everyday moisturiser or sheet mask. 


The Benefits of Fermented Ingredients in Skincare

Fermented ingredients in skincare are great all-rounders when it comes to improving your skin health. From increasing radiance, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and enhancing the benefits of raw natural ingredients, they’re skincare superstars. 

As an article by Live About explains, “Skin care products with fermented ingredients can soothe irritated skin.  Fermentation can also increase the level of antioxidants in skin care ingredients and that can have an anti-aging affect on your skin” (2019).

Live About also suggests that fermented ingredients in skincare are especially great for sensitive skin. 

While undergoing fermentation skin care ingredients like rice, tea, or soy, are broken down into smaller molecules during the fermentation process. The smaller molecules make it possible for the nutrients from the ingredients to be better absorbed by our skin.  Not only can the smaller molecules penetrate better into the skin they are also less irritating to the skin since the fermentation process not only breaks down molecules but also causes the ingredients to "mellow out" or become milder” (2019). 


What Are Some of the Best Fermented Skincare Ingredients?

Whilst the best fermented ingredients will depend on your skincare and type, there’s a few standouts. 

Fermented black rice is an ancient grain from China with incredible benefits thanks to the wealth of antioxidants it offers. With an ability to brighten your complexion, fermented black rice can improve overall radiance. Plus, antioxidants work to protect your skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Considering fermented black rice has more antioxidants than the much-loved blueberry, it’s safe to say that this ingredient works wonders.

Another notable fermented ingredient is maqui berry. As an article explains, “Maqui Berry, also known as Chilean Wineberry, is the deep purple fruit of Artochelia chilensis , belonging to the Elaeocarpaceae family. This is a small evergreen tree of the temperate rainforest of Chile.”

Fermented maqui berry also offers antioxidants including anthocyanin, polyphenol, and flavonoid. The benefits of this ingredient include anti-ageing, skin regeneration, brightening effect and anti-wrinkle functions. Thanks to the berry being fermented, the benefits are enhanced, which is why the maqui berry is an all-round winner.

Whilst these ingredients are beneficial, it’s important to ensure that the skincare you choose employs a natural fermentation process, free of chemicals and additives.

For example, Haruharu sheet mask essences are produced without any fermented additives, but rather through natural fermentation. Similarly, WONDER's unique patented natural fermentation technology increases the effect of raw ingredients such as maqui berry and black rice are 4 times more effective than without such a process.

The Verdict

In exploring fermented ingredients and their benefits when used within skincare, it’s clear that they’re a great addition. Thanks to the enhanced effect the fermentation process offers ingredients, skin care is more effective and rewarding. From reducing the appearance of fine lines to improving your skin’s overall glow, fermented skincare ingredients are just as great for your skin as fermented foods are for your body! 

So, why not give it a go? Be sure to check the fermentation process is natural and free of any nasties to experience the best possible results. After all, natural is always best!

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