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Is long hot shower good for skin?

A long hot shower 🚿🧖 may be tempting in this cold dry winter but while you are de-stressing under the steamy jets of water, your skin is losing the healthy fats and oils in your skin barrier. It can also worsen eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and even cause otherwise healthy skin to become irritated and dehydrated.

The good news is that there is a short window before your freshly steamed pores starts losing hydration. So you should immediately jump onto your skincare routine, ideally within 3 minutes. 

The important basic steps are:
1️⃣ Cleansing (this can be done in the shower to save time and to properly clean your hairline and jawline)
2️⃣ Toner (to thoroughly clean your pores and balance your skin pH. This is especially important for acne prone skin)
3️⃣ Serum (potent active ingredients with smaller molecules that absorbs deeper and faster)
4️⃣ Moisturise (heavier texture than serum and meant for longer lasting hydration)

If you are applying a sheet mask, you can skip step 3️⃣ and continue with moisturising after your mask.

So go on and enjoy that hot shower, have a mini karaoke 🎤🎶 session while you are at it, just remember to moisturise within 3 minutes.

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