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Haruharu and the Rise of Korean Skincare

Introduction & Understanding The Rise of Korean Skincare

There is no denying it, the Korean beauty regime has taken the world by storm. Within the age of social media, it’s never been easier for trends to become popular within mainstream culture. Consequently, Korean beauty has become increasingly popular within the West with a focus on skincare and beauty regimes. Such a reality is unsurprising as the world has never been more connected. Technology offers us the ability to communicate ideas, share information and post photos to an international market with the click of a button.

It’s thus completely unsurprising that the West has become introduced to the world of Korean beauty and ultimately, obsessed by the beauty regimes trending within this culture. As Mintel research reveals, “South Korea is among the top 10 global beauty markets, estimated at just over US$13 billion in 2017. Facial skincare accounts for more than half (51%) of the total market share…” (2017). Thus, it’s clear Korean skincare has indeed established itself as one of the most popular, trending and profitable beauty markets in the world.

The Development of Haruharu

As the Korean beauty label explains, “Haruharu is a unique skincare brand derived from natural ingredients that strives to deliver to you an honest beauty with basic skincare as its highest priority” (2019). With an increasing awareness of the ugly side of the cosmetic industry, consumers are becoming more focused on the importance to choose skincare products that are free of nasties including chemicals, preservatives, additives and other toxins. As Haruharu strives to create skincare products that are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and naturally-derived, it’s no wonder the beauty label is establishing itself as a popular Korean skincare brand.  

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